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Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and St. Laurent.

Freinsheim’s vineyards are protected by gentle hills, in a very warm micro-climate. The dry soils contain a lot of sand and gravel, which are excellent heat sources and allow grapes – especially the international red varieties – to mature perfectly.

Vineyard work:
Buckwheat, radish and clover aerate the soil and attract useful animals. Horse dung fertilizes the soil naturally. We take off leaves selectivly and work with low yields.

Harvest by hand, second sorting and destemming in the winery. After a short maceration the crushed must ferments with wild yeasts. Aged in new and reused French barriques. No fining, no filtration.

Rich and complex, with with closely woven tannins and a long-lasting finish

€ 40.00 0.75 L (sold out)
(€ 53.33/L)
14.5 % vol. alc.

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All our wines are from the Protected Designation of Origin PFALZ.
All still and sparkling wines contain sulphites.