We are self-taught, driven by curiosity and the desire to continuously improve. We try out lots of different things and if something doesn’t work, we discard that idea and move on to others. Nothing is as important as the quality of the wine. In some cases, we love one of our experiments so much that a new wine emerges, which is what most recently happened with our white Pinot blend “Kalk & Stein”.

Kalk & Stein

85% Chardonnay, 15% Weißer Burgunder (Pinot Blanc)

Chardonnay from the cool-climate, limestone soils in the village of Kallstadt; Pinot Blanc from the warm, sandstone soils of Ungstein.

Vineyard work:
Buckwheat, radish and clover aerate the soil and attract useful animals. Horse dung fertilizes the soil naturally. We take off leaves selectivly and work with low yields.

Fermented with native yeasts, in wooden barrels, 16 months on the lees, minimal and late use of sulphur, unfiltered.

Spicy and mineral

€ 25.00 0.75 L (sold out)
(€ 33.33/L)
12.0 % vol. alc.
Qualitätswein b. A. (Pfalz)
Certified Organic (DE-ÖKO-022)

All our wines are from the Protected Designation of Origin PFALZ, unless stated otherwise.
All still and sparkling wines contain sulphites.