All single sites depicted on the wall in the tasting room of our newly built winery

The trio of limestone, quartz sand and terra rossa

Our winery is situated in Freinsheim, in the northern part of the “Mittelhaardt” region, approx. 10 km north of Deidesheim. It directly faces the primeval limestone reef that rises between the neighboring village of Kallstadt and the nearby Palatine Forest. Some of our best single-site vineyards are located on the mineral-rich soil of that former quarry.

Face-to-face with the Palatinate Forest – the Haardt seen from the “Kallstadter Steinacker” site

The soil of the single sites Saumagen, Steinacker and Kalkofen are characterized by limestone and lime marl. The grapevines grow at altitudes between 160 and 230 meters above sea level and are influenced by the nearness of the Palatine Forest. These are perfect conditions for cool-climate Rieslings and Spätburgunder. The vineyards in Ungstein lie at a lower elevation and are thus exposed to a warmer micro-climate. There, the fertile soil is composed of loess and loam, with sandstone in the deeper layers. Red earth or “terra rossa” is the special feature, particulary in the single site called Weilberg, where the Romans first cultivated wine over 2000 years ago. This terra rossa soil is what gives Riesling and Pinot Blanc their distinctive spice and minerality. Freinsheim is the warmest location. The alluvium left behind in the former path of the Rhine contains a lot of sand and gravel, which are excellent heat sources and allow grapes – especially the international red varieties – to mature perfectly.

“A small area with three terroirs that could not be more different – no wonder our hearts beat for more than a single variety of grapes! When it comes to Riesling, Pinot Noir and Cuvées, we are in our element.”



VDP.Große Lage

Facing south/south-east, WEILBERG Grand Cru is situated around an ancient, 2000 year old Roman winery. Clayey, red Terra Rossa soil, very rich in iron (red earth).

140-170 meter above sea level
31,89 hectares

Kallstadter Steinacker

VDP.Erste Lage

On the top of the hill, above the SAUMAGEN Grand Cru. A cool-climate site, influenced by the Palatinate Forest behind. Very dry, calcareous soil.

160–240 meter above sea level
59,31 hectares

Leistadter Kalkofen

VDP.Erste Lage

High altitude, very cool-climate site. The landscape is characterized by small parcels with a lot of small limestones.

250–260 meter above sea level
26,17 hectares

Ungsteiner Nussriegel

VDP.Erste Lage

Just a stone’s throw from the Grand Cru WEILBERG. Clayey soil with sandstone in the deeper layers and a warm micro-climate.

90 – 120 meter above sea level
65,1 hectares


VDP.Große Lage

One of the most famous Grand Cru sites in the Pfalz region. Marl lime mixed with countless small limestone rocks characterizes the soil in this small basin, facing south/south-east. The vines can flourish in best conditions.

180–200 meter above sea level
33,1 hectares


VDP.Große Lage

Our single-site FELSENBERG is situated within the nature preserve of the „Berntal“ valley and surrounded by a limestone wall. Sitting on Tertiary limestone bedrock, on a slightly steep slope, the entire vineyard faces south. In 2011 we resurrected this old, almost forgotten site and planted Burgundy Pinot Noir clones there.

210 meter above sea level
0,65 hectares

Es war mein erster Jahrgang. Das Weingut ist entstanden auf der Basis des landwirtschaftlichen Gemischtbetriebes unserer Eltern, die neben Obst auch Fasswein produzierten.