Saumagen Riesling GG


100% Riesling

One of the most famous Grand Cru sites in the Pfalz region. Marl lime mixed with countless small limestone rocks characterizes the soil in this small basin, facing south/south-east. Here, the vines can flourish in best conditions.

Vineyard work:
Buckwheat, radish and clover aerate the soil and attract useful animals. Horse dung fertilizes the soil naturally. We take off leaves selectivly and work with low yields.

Hand harvested and whole-cluster pressed. Wild yeast fermented and aged on the lees in stainless steel and big wooden casks.

Very mineral, with chalky texture and a long aging potential.

€ 60.00 0.75 L (sold out)
(€ 80.00/L)
13.0 % vol. alc.
Qualitätswein b. A. (Pfalz)
Certified Organic (DE-ÖKO-022)

All our wines are from the Protected Designation of Origin PFALZ, unless stated otherwise.
All still and sparkling wines contain sulphites.